We help strata companies find the best painting contractors for their specific project.

Our online portal manages the whole tender process and offers an independent, professional and unbiased review of the tendered quotes. Transparency is at the heart of what we do.

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Services available from the paint experts

  • Scoping the Project

    The needs of the client come first. Arrange a specification from the paint manufacturer, working hard in hand to customise the painting project.

  • Database Management

    Our customized and innovative computer portal system delivers a competitive, fair and transparent tender.

  • Project Review

    Using our Tender Review Matrix, we offer an independent professional and unbiased Review of the tendered quotes.

  • Project Hand Over

    Simple tender hand-over to the committee / strata of the most appropriate contractor for the project.

    For the strata company...

  • Accurate scoping of works for your client.

  • We minimize staff responsibility for the technicalities inserted in the tender specifications.

  • You can save up to four hours in tender preparation time & follow up per painting tender to focus on what you do best.

  • Our TGC designed Online Tender Portal System is transparent and easy to navigate.

  • No cost to your organization, saving you time and money.

    For the client...

  • We bring professional expertise and advice to the projects at hand.

  • Accurate scoping of all projects.

  • Specifications from paint manufactures on all projects.

  • Committee members have peace of mind that they have engaged a reputable tender contractor who holds an open builders license.

  • We provide a Tender Review and project recommendation for the committee, in support of the best tender decision.