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Chairpersons Comments

A Chairperson shared their thoughts before a meeting with the committee to discuss our report on the strata painting tender we managed for them:

“I can see how you’ve taken something that could be very overwhelming for an inexperienced committee member and simplified / condensed it down to a presentable and digestible form. Thank you!”

Many thanks,

Elizabeth Bridge

River Springs Flushing Meadows


Elizabeth Bridge 11/06/2024
Sean Waller Testimonial

Working for QBS Strata Management who are premier strata management and consultancy company based in Queensland and New South Wales. The company provides services to a wide range of bodies corporate across the Eastern seaboard of Queensland and New South Wales, including townhouse style residential developments, high-rise developments, commercial and mixed-use developments.

I am happy to say that Justin Percy from Tender Guide Consultants is a consummate professional with a unique skill for helping individuals and organisations through the most challenging of Painting Project Management projects. We turn to Justin for our painting and rectification projects for his ideas and approaches on best practices with Tenders and Project Management.  Their innovative and transparent portal system gives us complete faith that our clients will be well looked after through all the fazes of the projects life cycle. He takes all of our clients through the technical side of the project explaining it so that everybody can understand what’s required for the project to be completed to the highest standard. They keep everybody informed with a tremendous reporting system giving a true snapshot as the project unfolds, from the beginning until the end.  

The fact that Justin is easy to work with and conducts himself with the highest sense of professionalism and ethics makes all of the projects that we’ve worked on together to be a great experience. I have worked with Justin over the past 5 years on a wide array of projects and I have been impressed with every project he has worked on for me. 

I would highly recommend Tender Guide Consultants for all your Painting Tender and Project Management needs, large or small.

Sean Waller Senior Strata Manager
Orion Building Body Corporate Committee Review of Tender Guide Consultants

To Whom It May Concern,

We, the Body Corporate Committee of the Orion Building in Coolangatta, are pleased to provide our enthusiastic recommendation for Tender Guide Consultants (TGC), led by Mr Justin Percy. In our capacity as the Committee Executive, we had the privilege of working closely with Mr Percy on a comprehensive project involving painting and maintenance of the Orion Building.

As the project progressed, TGC, in collaboration with the contractor, uncovered several hidden faults within the building structure. Most of these faults were attributed to errors or omissions in the original construction. It is noteworthy that the diligent efforts of Mr Percy and the Contractor made in rectifying these latent faults restored the building to an enhanced condition beyond its state when new.

TGC’s project management skills, coupled with their ability to identify and address these latent structural conditions, were crucial in achieving an excellent outcome. Justin’s timely reporting ensured that the Committee was kept well-informed, enabling us to make approve variations quickly and so avoid substantial delays and thus minimise the cost of the variations.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Tender Guide Consultants and Mr Justin Percy to all building owners in need of expert project management and technical specification services. His dedication, professionalism, and timely recommendations have made a significant impact on our building, and we are grateful
for his work.

John Nicolaides Chairperson
Eileen Turner Secretary
Chris Meimaris Treasurer
Chris Meimaris (Engineer) 2023

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