After the committee’s unsuccessful attempt at running a tender for this building, we took charge. Collaborating closely with committee , we meticulously crafted a comprehensive scope of works tailored to both the building’s requirements and the residents’ needs. we bought in our trusted partner, Dulux to put together a specification to suite the requirements we were looking for.

Once the tender process was initiated through our secure portal, we embarked on a thorough analysis of the submitted quotes from contractors. The resulting detailed report, meticulously compiled, showcased not only significant cost savings but also the inclusion of extra works, elevating the project’s value proposition.

This endeavor marked the single most substantial expenditure within the building’s ten-year sinking fund forecast. We assumed the role of project managers, navigating the complexities with finesse. The outcome? A resounding success, enhancing the value of every property within the building and leaving all stakeholders delighted with the result.

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