We assisted the committee in running multiple options on their building. The committee had some concerns with some cracking on their concrete balustrades on one section of their building. We had a structural engineer in to do an assessment to ensure there were not any other repairs required prior to starting the scope of works.

We are a painting scope of works, balcony sealing including replacing all the perishing sealant and then contractors needed to supply a price to apply a sear to the tiles to assist with water penetration into the concrete slab. We had the contractors supply a price for roof top waterproofing for a budget to be completed in 4-5 years. They also priced for a maintenance program for  the building with a washdown every three years and touch up for the period of the Dulux ten-year warranty.

We ran all these scopes of works in the same tender for the one low price for the committee.

With multiple scopes and multiple contractors, we had a large amount of work with the quotes to decipher for apples for apples submissions. We ensured the contractors complied to the tender and then we compiled an easy-to-understand report for the committee on the outcome of the tender.

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