We played a pivotal role in guiding the committee through a multifaceted decision-making process for their building. Addressing their concerns regarding cracking concrete balustrades in a specific section, we engaged a structural engineer to conduct a comprehensive assessment, ensuring a thorough understanding of any potential additional repair needs prior to commencing the planned scope of works.

Our approach encompassed a comprehensive painting scope, inclusive of balcony sealing with the replacement of deteriorating sealant. Additionally, we tasked contractors with providing competitive pricing for tile sealing to mitigate water penetration into the concrete slab. Anticipating future needs, we included provisions for rooftop waterproofing, scheduled for implementation within a 4-5 year budgetary timeframe. Furthermore, contractors were solicited to propose a maintenance program aligned with Dulux’s ten-year warranty, encompassing biennial washdowns and touch-ups.

Efficiently consolidating these diverse scopes, we orchestrated a single, unified tender process, ensuring cost-effectiveness and simplicity for the committee. Despite the complexity inherent in managing multiple scopes and contractors, we meticulously scrutinized each quote to ensure comparability and adherence to tender requirements. Subsequently, we distilled the findings into a concise, easily digestible report, empowering the committee to make informed decisions regarding the tender outcome.

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