Within the framework of a unified scheme, encompassing three distinct buildings with varying requirements, we orchestrated a tailored approach, conducting three separate tenders to precisely address each structure’s unique needs.

In one instance, a building grappled with roofing issues. Promptly, we engaged an independent abseil team to conduct a meticulous assessment, revealing significant cost disparities from earlier repair estimates provided to the committee. Our exhaustive report delineated potential savings of approximately $16,000, presenting a compelling case for reassessment and action.

Simultaneously, we facilitated a comprehensive tender encompassing painting, rectification, handrail restoration, and mastic replacement across all buildings. Recognizing the diverse demands of each property, additional provisions were made for specialized requirements such as line-marking, non-slip coatings, roof refurbishment, and balcony sealing.

Our detailed reports, thoughtfully curated, served as invaluable tools for the discerning committee, empowering them to make informed decisions tailored to their respective project needs.

Subsequently, our involvement transitioned seamlessly into project management, ensuring the efficient execution and delivery of each project component.

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